Belec de-tect

The most lightweight portable spectrometer for Metal Analysis


The Belec de-tect, combined with the newly designed Fusion Probe, sets modern standards for astonishing accuracy and portability. 

The portable spectrometer is a powerful solution for anyone who needs reliable results despite its compact size. With the weight of only 12 kg /27lb it is easy to carry it to almost any location or use the option of a 10m/32ft umbilical. 

The Fusion Probe offers an almost unlimited umbilical length, allowing you to work wherever you need to. The integrated touchscreen of the Fusion Probe ensures easy operation of the instrument. 

Benefit from the versatility and flexibility of our mobile spectrometer!
This handheld spectrometer is suitable for various applications and can analyze a wide range of materials. No more need of sending samples to the lab and waiting for results – with our portable material tester you get fast and reliable analysis right away in the field. 

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Product features

  • Longest umbilical on the market, practically any length
    --> easy access to pipe racks
  • Low argon consumption
    --> low operation costs
  • Probe read out screen
    --> highest convenience
  • Robust optics/probe design, All the analysis takes place in the probe
    (no need for fiber replacement due to aging
  • Easy to use UI
  • Post analytical calculations done simply ( Add/Edit CE or other formulas)
  • Integrated, Customizable grades library
  • Easy standardization/types
  • Temperature stabilized
    --> Ready for any climate!
  • Highest level of accuracy and precision ( incl. UV-elements C, P, S
    and yes, even trace elements)
  • PMI/Field ready
  • Adapters for virtually all shapes and sizes
  • Light weight Aluminum aircraft grade reinforced plastic housing,
    moisture proof
  • Near maintenance free

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Technical Specifications

  • Double-spectrometer with Flat-field CCD
    Detectors, argon flushed for UV Elements
    (C, S, P), integrated in Fusion-Probe

  • Wavelength range: 170 – 420 nm
  • MCDC System (Multimatrix-Channel Drift Correction)
  • Fusion probe with integrated optics and
    5” touchscreen
  • Low argon consumption
  • near maintenance free
  • No-wear electrode
  • Adapter for wires, tubes etc.
  • Max. 400 Hz frequency
  • Unipolar discharge
  • Width 19.7 in. (500 mm)
  • Height 14.1 in. (360 mm)
  • Depth   7.1 in. (180 mm)
  • Weight main unit: 27.5 lb. (12,5 kg)
  • Probe: 5.3 lb (2,4 kg)
  • 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz
  • Optional battery
  • 11 W/Stand-by, 670 W/Analysis

NEW BelecLABOES software

  • NEW BelecLABOES software
  • Customer specific programs
  • Automatic grade identification
  • Integrated, dynamic alloy database
  • Data Export through WIFI, USB in several formats

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