Belec Vario Lab

Flexibility and Precision Combined

Belec has completely redesigned the laboratory spectrometer for metal analysis. It is – again- the  most competitive in terms of flexibility as far as sample size and shape is concerned. 

The Belec Vario Lab can optionally be equipped with a connectable sparking probe.

Thanks to a more powerful plasma generator and lower argon consumption, operating costs are significantly reduced while the analysis times per sample are shortened. The new argon control system for the sparking stand surprisingly minimizes maintenance requirements a lot. 

The Belec Vario Lab impresses with its exceptional performance! 

The compact design allows for transport through standard doors, and the high-stability plastic housing significantly reduces weight. The integrated and dynamic material database is standard, as it has been for ever since in all Belec spectrometers. This ensures automatic material identification with every analysis. The grade database can unlimited be extended with national and international grades and can certainly also be customized. 

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Product features

Brief summary

  • highest analysis accuracy and precision
  • maximum long term stability
  • low detection limits
  • virtually no limitations in terms of sample size and shape
  • robust laboratory spectrometer
  • flexibility through manifold equipping options
  • free accessible sparking stand for larger samples
  • operator friendly Analysis Program Belec Win21
  • integrated dynamic alloy database
  • base specific drift correction samples included
  • installation and instruction by qualified personnel
  • very low operating costs

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Technical Specifications

  • spectrometer in Paschen-Runge mounting
  • Rowland circle diameter 500 mm
  • usable wavelengths 120-430 nm
  • grating 3600 lines/mm
  • reciprocal dispersion 0,52 nm/mm (1st order)
  • shock resistance
  • photomultiplier detector systems are ±0.1°C temperature stabilised for excellent long-term stability
  • optionally 2nd spectrometer optics*
  • up to 11 bases and 108 measuring channels possible
  • inert gas-breathed optical chamber with gas purifier system
  • optional optic with usable wavelengths up to 800 nm*
  • 2 stage rotary vacuum pump
  • large oil separator
  • oil vapor trap
  • vacuum gauge in front panel
  • sparking generator with maximum 400 Hz frequency
  • unipolar discharge
  • separate parameter for pre-sparking and integration selectable via software
  • ignition frequency program specifically selectable via software
  • discharge power program specifically selectable via software
  • arc source for air probe, optional
  • ignition voltage 20 kV
  • argon-flushed measuring stand for exact analysis
  • sparking stand grounded with Ø 10 mm analysis opening
  • optional ceramic disc with Ø 4mm opening*
  • adapters for wires, pipes and small parts are available
  • low-wear tungsten electrode
  • pneumatic sample clamping
  • argon flow  0,1 l/min in stand-by mode and 2 l/min during analysis
  • low maintenance required
  • stabilized high voltage
  • zero-stabilized analogue amplifier
  • 6-decade dynamic A-D converter for each channel
  • 48 channels with digital integration, configurable for several bases
  • 15 detectors, each with 3648 pixel, 7µ pixel width
  • individual AD- converter board for each detector, mounted on multi channel board,
    coupled by high-speed port
  • Integrated noise suppression - integrated background compensation
  • Unlimited numbers of measuring channels, configurable for several base 
  • argon-flushed sparking probe for exact analysis, including carbon
  • argon flow 0,1 l / min in standby and 2,5 l / min during analysis
  • argon control on cable plug
  • air probe for quick mix-up checking
  • adapters for wires, pipes and small parts available for all probes
  • lightweight shockproof plastic probe housing
  • start and clear buttons easily hand-operated
  • signal on mix-up identification: visual display for “repeat” and “reject”, start button is blocked until confirm
    button is pressed
  • multi fibre quartz optics, standard lengths 3m or 5m
  • low-wear tungsten electrode
  • silver electrode for air probe
  • probe connector system
  • width 680 mm
  • height 1135 mm
  • depth 945 mm
  • analysis unit 80 kg
  • 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • 100 W in stand-by mode
  • 600 W during analysis

    with optional vacuum system
  • 600 W in stand-by mode
  • 1100 W during analysis
  • System-integrated industrial computer system with Intel© ATOM® dual core D525 (1.8 GHz, 64 Bit) processor
  • Random access memory 4 GB DDR3 SD RAM
  • Hard disk 250GB SATA SSD.M2 (Solid-State-Drive)
  • Intel© Onboard graphic with VGA output
  • 18,5” widescreen colour monitor, other monitors available
  • Complete external keyboard with touch pad
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Ethernet interface RJ 45, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Serial interface
  • Operation system MS Windows© 10 Enterprise LTSC with client specific regional and language settings
  • Remote-Service-System (RSS) by Teamviewer©

    Belec WIN 21 Analysis and Quality Control Program

    • Belec WIN 21 analysis and quality control program
    • display of analysis values at each measurement
    • as many analysis programs to customer specifications as required
    • individual analysis parameters for each program
    • automatic program selection (APF) optional
    • analysis computation with: background correction, curve position correction, additive and multiplicative inter-element correction
    • automatic correction with standard types
    • easy and simultaneous recalibration of several programs (BGR)
    • significantly extended recalibration cycles by use of MCDC ( Multi Channel Drift Correction)
    • mix-up checking by comparison with reference measurement
    • grade checking by comparison with analysis regulations
    • type calibration and type measurement
    • tolerances for every analysis program and element in absolute and relative weight percentages, individually adjustable
    • average and standard deviation from chosen measurements
    • warning signal, when calibration curve is exceeded
    • automatic reminder on regular recalibration
    • automatic display of alloy description or material number
    • Integrated, dynamic alloy database, 100.000 alloy data and more storable (only limited by computer storage capacity)
    • text size on monitor variable for optimum legibility
    • protocol storage function
    • report memory function for later analysis, printing and archiving
    • several statistic functions with graphical representation


      Belec Vario Lab

      The Belec Vario Lab is one of the most powerful spectrometers of its kind.

      Thanks to a simple operating interface and Software Belec WIN 21 there are virtually no limitations. Any program feature can easily be selected and configured according to customer specific applications.

      The fields of application are not limited. Whether in the laboratory or workshop – there is no location that can not be considered.

      Ideal Working Conditions

      The attractive design of the Belec Vario Lab ensures an ergonomic set-up of the spectrometer at a comfortable working height. The drawer has enough space to accommodate user tools, drift correction samples and other accessories.

      Get your Belec Vario Lab in the different versions: as inert gas- breathed, vacuum-operated or even air spectrometer, depending on the application.

      Two Models to select,
      depending on your needs

      The variation, Model 2P, equipped with the traditional, highly sensitive Photomultiplier detectors, is the ideal tool whenever maximum precision, accuracy and low limit of detection are essentially required.

      The second variation, the Model 2C, is equipped with the latest-state-of art CCD detectors.
      Due to the flexible design it is recommended for any multi-base application.

      The well established 6GSO system, already used in other belec spectrometers ensures the uncompromising use of ideal spectral lines.

      The need for daily recalibration is a thing of the past due to the MCDC system which automatically corrects spectral line drift.

      Universally Applicable with additional Probe

      An additional Sparking Probe can further enhance the functionality of the instrument.

      For the analysis of big, bulky or indestructible samples, you can use one of our sparking probes. With this unique option, the Belec Vario Lab covers all possible applications for metal analysis.

      Accessories of Belec Vario Lab

      Belec offers a number of accessories, both for mobile use at different places and localized use of the stationary instruments.  

      Whether sparking probes for mobile use with the Belec Compact Port HLC or in addition to the sparking table of the Belec Vario Lab - get to know more about our additional solutions for your individual requirements. 

      A number of adapters allow the testing of most different sample types as wires, tubes or other small parts. Due to especially developed adapters they can be analysed without any problems.

      Furthermore, we offer our customers other solutions which exactly match with their applications.


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