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These days, the chemical composition of materials play an important role.
You have to be able to rely on the correct material of your production material having the required specifications?
Is it essential to avoid material mix-ups?

We offer comprehensive services for the analysis of components.

Our experts conduct precise tests to determine the elemental composition of your materials. 

By using advanced spectroscopy methods, we identify the exact chemical composition and the according grade of your metal samples. Be it aluminium, copper, steel or any other metal. - we cover the entire spectrum.

A detailed material analysis provides you with certainty and prevents material mix-ups.

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Benefit from the advantages of our material analysis

Customer Satisfaction
Rely on our precise metal analysis to verify and ensure your material quality. Our services help you comply with industry standards and specifications so that your products always meet your customers' expectations.

Quality Control
Determine the specific composition of your alloys with the highest accuracy. Our spectrometers provide detailed reports on all the elements contained, so you can optimally understand and utilize the properties of your alloys. 

Purity testing
We help you to ensure that your metals meet the highest purity standards. Our analyses identify contaminants and irregularities that could affect the quality of your products.

Together we will successfully move your company forward

Our experienced team is at your disposal to determine the chemical composition of your materials directly at your company.

After the successful PMI - Positive Material Identification - an analysis protocol offers you the security to instantly continue with your production without headaches.

Save time and costs by relying on precise and reliable results -  right at your location.

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You can send us your samples for analysis. Alternatively, we can come to your factory.

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You urgently need certainty about the grade of your material but the purchase of a spectrometer is not planned for various reasons?

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