Belec de-tect


The all new Belec de-tect. 

The most lightweight portable spectrometer, yet the most accurate

Again Belec – as the inventor of mobile
spectroscopy- sets new modern
standards for anyone who expects
ultimate accuracy and precision in
the most compact spark OES.

The new Belec de-tect, combined
with the newly designed
FUSION PROBE, provides
everything you want.

With the weight of only 12 kg /27lb it is easy to carry it to
almost any location or use the option of a 10m/32ft cable.
The Fusion Probe with the integrated touchscreen allows
full access to all functions.

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Product features

  • Longest umbilical on the market, practically any length
    --> easy access to pipe racks
  • Low argon consumption
    --> low operation costs
  • Probe read out screen
    --> highest convenience
  • Robust optics/probe design, All the analysis takes place in the probe
    (no need for fiber replacement due to aging
  • Easy to use UI
  • Post analytical calculations done simply ( Add/Edit CE or other formulas)
  • Integrated, Customizable grades library
  • Easy standardization/types
  • Temperature stabilized
    --> Ready for any climate!
  • Highest level of accuracy and precision ( incl. UV-elements C, P, S
    and yes, even trace elements)
  • PMI/Field ready
  • Adapters for virtually all shapes and sizes
  • Light weight Aluminum aircraft grade reinforced plastic housing,
    moisture proof
  • Near maintenance free

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Technical Specifications

  • Double-spectrometer with Flat-field CCD
    Detectors, argon flushed for UV Elements
    (C, S, P), integrated in Fusion-Probe

  • Wavelength range: 170 – 420 nm
  • MCDC System (Multimatrix-Channel Drift Correction)
  • Fusion probe with integrated optics and
    5” touchscreen
  • Low argon consumption
  • near maintenance free
  • No-wear electrode
  • Adapter for wires, tubes etc.
  • Max. 400 Hz frequency
  • Unipolar discharge
  • Width 19.7 in. (500 mm)
  • Height 14.1 in. (360 mm)
  • Depth   7.1 in. (180 mm)
  • Weight main unit: 27.5 lb. (12,5 kg)
  • Probe: 5.3 lb (2,4 kg)
  • 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz
  • Optional battery
  • 11 W/Stand-by, 670 W/Analysis

NEW BelecLABOES software

  • NEW BelecLABOES software
  • Customer specific programs
  • Automatic grade identification
  • Integrated, dynamic alloy database
  • Data Export through WIFI, USB in several formats

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