CAMPAIGN - 50 years of mobile spectroscopy

Big anniversary for us - big benefit for you


"Benefit from our passion: 50 days right to return"

That was our slogan on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the invention of "mobile spectroscopy"

With his passion for spectroscopy, our founder Willi Berstermann has significantly impelled the development of this technology since the 1950s.

50 years ago, in 1972, he presented the world's first mobile spectrometer. He can therefore be called the inventor of mobile spectroscopy

For the first time, it was possible to carry out mix-up checks on large quantities directly in the material warehouse - a major revolution in ensuring the correct materials.

Ever Since then, Belec has been the technology leader in the field of mobile spectroscopy and has continuously developed the technology in a unique dynamic in order to meet the ever-growing requirements of the metal-producing and processing industry.

Whether it was the introduction of the argon-purged probe in 1986 for the precise measurement of carbon, or the first mobile analysis of phosphorus and sulfur in 1992 - it was always Belec Spectrometry that brought these innovations to the market first.

In 2013, we were able to determine nitrogen safely and reliably in duplex steels with our extraordinary UV probe.

For this great occasion, we at Belec started a unique campaign that said: "Choose a mobile spectrometer from Belec now and you can return it free of charge within 50 days of delivery if you don't like it."

This campaign was a complete success: not a single one of our numerous new customers took advantage of the opportunity and returned their new mobile spectrometer. All customers are satisfied owners of a new spectrometer from Belec

Our mobile spectrometry devices

  • high accuracies incl. C, P, S, B, Sn, N
  • Almost any sample geometry possible
  • Flexibility through quick-change probes and battery operation
  • Longest umbilical on the market
  • Temperature stabilized -> Ready for any climate!
  • Probe read out screen -> highest convenience

You too can benefit from Belec's unique technology and reliability:

Our new impressive portable spectrometer Belec de-tect is probably the most flexible in the market.

You will also be delighted by the extraordinary performance of our mobile spectrometer Belec Compact Port HLC.

Of course, our laboratory spectrometers also shine with excellent performance:

From the entry-level model Belec OPTRON, through our top seller Belec IN-SPECT to our flagship Belec Vario Lab, our spectrometers help with almost all analytical tasks.

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