Wire Adapter for Sparking Stand

The Belec IN-SPECT has got a sparking stand as bearing area for the sample to be analysed. In case that by sample size and shape the opening of the argon-flushed measuring chamber is not covered, there are suitable adapters available. They ensure the best possible analysis accuracy. With the centering prism, the corresponding adapters can be fixed on the sparking stand.

With our set of wire adapters you can analyse wires of a diameter from 2mm to 12mm in intervals of 0,5mm. Here, wires are clamped into the adapter vertically. The centering prism fixes the adapter at the sparking stand to grant an optimum testing situation.

Small wires up to a diameter of 0,5mm or from 0,5mm to 2mm diameter can be analysed with the help of adapters. The wires are clamped in horizontally and can be tested without problems.

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